Monday, July 13, 2009

Essential Spider-Man vol. 9

The 9th volume of Essential Spider-Man is not up to par in storytelling. Most of the villains are newbies. Of the veteran foes, we see Mysterio, Electro, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter and Chameleon.

The stories are really bad. You can tell they are in desperate need of some new ideas for Spidey. Parker is out of school and has become a teacher at the university.

He also gets fired from The Daily Bugle and decides to work for The Daily Globe.

Here are a few of the titles found within this volume:

Chaos Is The Chameleon!
The Power Of Electro!
The Jigsaw Is Up!
Mayhem By Moonlight!
In Search Of The Man-Wolf!
Wanted For Murder: Spider-Man!
24 Hours Till Doomsday!
The Wings Of The Fearsome Fly!
Never Let The Black Cat Cross Your Path!
Nine Lives Has The Black Cat!
The Kingpin's Midnight Massacre!
Mysterio Is Deadlier By The Dozen!
Now You See Me! Now You Die!
The Spider And The Burglar...A Sequel (200th comic)
One For Those Long Gone!
Bewitched, Bothered And Be-Dazzled!
The Black Cat Always Lands On Her Feet!
...In Love And War!
A Method In His Madness!
Mesmero's Revenge!
To Salvage My Honor!
The Prophecy Of Madame Web!

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