Thursday, July 30, 2009

Game Plan for Life by Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs - the man behind Joe Gibbs Racing (NASCAR) and two stints as head coach of the Washington Redskins - has released a book with his new "team" of experts.

Game Plan for Life is written for men. But I don't understand why women couldn't have been involved as experts. Maybe it's just his way. (But don't be offended, it's still a great book)

Each chapter is devoted to an area of life men are concerned about. Gibbs asks 11 different people to address each topic after he shares a few pages from his own life.

The topics include:
Finances by Ron Blue
Health by Dr Walt Larimore
Relationships by Don Meredith
Vocation by Dr Os Guinness
The Bible by Josh McDowell
God by Dr Ken Boa
Creation by Dr John Lennox
Sin and Addiction by Ravi Zacharias
Salvation by Chuck Colson
Purpose by Dr Tony Evans
Heaven by Randy Alcorn

As a fan of football and those who profess to be followers of Christ in the national media, I greatly enjoyed reading about the struggles and success of Coach Gibbs and how he became a devoted man of God.

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