Monday, August 10, 2009

End of State by Neesa Hart

End of State is the political spin off of the Left Behind series.

You are introduced to 3 brand new characters to the Left Behind universe - main of the three is Brad Benton, White House Chief of Staff.

If you've read any of the Left Behind books, you know the series deals with what is considered End Times theology including The Rapture.

End of State deals with what goes on inside the White House during that event.

I was disappointed with this book. I was looking forward to a political thriller along the lines of The Last Jihad but instead I get endless preaching and a very slow moving plot.

Seeing as there were only 3 books made in this political off-shoot, I can assume the public felt the same way.

Unless you collect everything Left Behind, do yourself a favor and forget about End of State.

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