Monday, August 31, 2009

Meg: Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten

Hell's Aquarium is the 4th book in the Steve Alten Meg series and they keep the mindless entertainment at peak proficiency. With the influx of all these SyFy channel monster movies, this book has to be made into a film.

The main character, Jonas Taylor, has aged 20 some years since this all started, he and his wife have an attraction like Sea World that is home to a Megalodon (giant prehistoric great white shark) and her pups.

Problems arise and people get eaten. This is a given seeing as it's a shark story.

David Taylor, Jonas' son, is offered a job by the United Arab Emirates to be a keeper of the younger Megs in their new state-of-the-art aquarium back in the Middle East.

These princes want more than just Megs as they desire to capture the largest prehistoric creatures they can find in the ocean's deep. David and his team of submersible pilots are tasked with retrieving them.

In this book you'll find lots of blood and underwater creature chases.

One of the problems with this novel is trying to pronounce all the names of the prehistoric monsters. I needed to look all of them up! And this distracted me from the story a bit.

You won't find deep plots or heavy character development. the Meg series is the Twilight version of Jaws; and I love 'em!
Meg: Hell's Aquarium 

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Sam said...

I too am a fan of Steve Alten's Meg novels. He is an excellent writer and does his research so thoroughly that not only am I enjoying the book I am gaining knowledge at the same time. I am very excited to see that he has a fourth book out and am very pumped bout going to buy it so I can read it :-D