Saturday, August 1, 2009

Return Policy by Michael Snyder

Return Policy is not an action-packed thriller that I typically enjoy. Michael Snyder's forte is his character-driven, multidimensional cast that are connected somehow.

Willy Finneran is the main character. He wants to kill his espresso maker.

Ozena is a customer service representative whose 12 year old son is mentally handicap.

Shaq is a homeless man who has blank spots in his memory.
They all have little quirks about their characters and their paths cross through this story.
The nice bow tie to wrap things up at the end is very nicely done.
While not being a fast paced novel, Snyder had me turning the pages while I became more and more invested in how their lives made it through the mistakes and jokes.
This was a terrific read.

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michael snyder said...

Thanks a million, MasterAP, for the uber kind review here on your blog and over at amazon. It really means a lot!