Friday, August 21, 2009

The Uninvited

Not really sure why it looks like it's cold in the poster because the movie is not at all like that. Just a little side comment to get us started.

I watched this movie last night with a few friends; 2 of which had already seen it so I knew a scary moment was coming when they would cover their eyes.

This always helps as I don't enjoy scary movies.

The Uninvited is about a girl whose mother died in a fire, her father is living with the live-in nurse, and the sisters believe the nurse killer their mother.

Starring Emily Browning as Anna, the main character, who just got home from the nut house and begins to have dreams/visions of her dead, burned mother along with three children who seem to have a connection to it all (think Stephen King's The Shining).

David Strathairn as her father: maybe he killed his wife...they did it before when the good guy actor plays the villain (What Lies Beneath)

and Elizabeth Banks (Betty Brant in Spider-Man) as the new girlfriend/fiancee.

This is a psychological thriller that has a self-promoted twist ending. You may see it coming if you pay close enough attention throughout the film.

With some situational cussing (in fear) and some sexual content (looking through keyholes), this movie didn't quite leave a lasting impression. The twist was nice but I'd have to watch it again to catch everything.

And I don't think I'd care to do that.

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