Friday, September 11, 2009

Kronos by Jeremy Robinson

Kronos is about one man's revenge and another man's desire for trophies.

Atticus Young just can't catch a break. His wife is dead and, while diving with whales, his daughter is eaten by the monster you see on the cover.

Steve Alten calls it Moby Dick meets James Bond, and I suppose that could be accurate. Young has this unquenchable thirst to kill the best - plus he's ex-Navy SEAL so there are a few scenes of him tossing knives into people's hands.

Atticus is offered to kill Kronos for Trevor Manfred (what a last name). Manfred collects trophies and this thing would be the best.

They hunt in a huge yacht called The Titan which is state-of-the-art everything: missles, torpedoes, helocopters, subs, harpoons, etc...

Then there is Andrea, National Guard, who was in love with Atticus. She is in pursuit of him.

Alten boasts about "an amazing twist" in this story and I didn't really read it as a twist. I guess I'm used to Dekker's ability to bend your mind with story twists.

Think biblical and you'll figure it out...Old Testament.

Kronos isn't as good as Steve Alten's MEG series but is still a decent underwater monster story.

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