Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dark Powers Collection by Bill Myers

I read The Forbidden Door series as a teen and now Bill Myers has collected them into 3-book volumes.

The first volume is titled, Dark Power Collection and it includes the books, The Society, The Deceived, and The Spell.

Scott and Rebecca Williams and their mother have just moved into the neighborhood. Their father was killed in the mission field and it's tough getting their lives back together.

In The Society, Scott is introduced to a group of students who meet in a bookstore to mess with Ouija boards and "speak" with the spirits. He is challenged to confront them with his "Jesus" power to see which is stronger.

In The Deceived, Becka is hypnotized and begins to believe she is a French king reincarnated. This leads to a dramatic game of chicken with a train.

In The Spell, the Society has had enough of Becka and her family. They begin harassing her with menacing letters and finally kidnapping her puppy.

Throughout these adventures, the Williams kids chat with a mysterious online character named "Z". He somehow knows things about the kids and about their everyday situations.

Each book has one or both kids participating in some kind of spiritual warfare - however Myers adds situations that make this applicable to any teenager in America.

These books are fantastic!

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