Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deadly Loyalty Collection by Bill Myers

Volume 3 of the Forbidden Door series, the Deadly Loyalty Collection brings the Williams' kids away from their new home.

In The Curse, they travel to Louisiana and battle forces of a voodoo cult. A girl who is always getting picked on in school decides to fight back with her new voodoo powers. Kids get seriously injured before Becka and Scott and save the day.

In The Undead, Becka and her friend Ryan travel to Transylvania to help a young actress who seems to come under attack by a vampire. This book is due for this time seeing as the world seems to be sucked (get it?) in by this vampire fad. Is there such thing as real vampires?

In The Scream, the Williams' travel to California to help out the drummer of the world famous band, The Scream. Their lead singer is dealing with devil worship and looks to deal with their Pastor-kid drummer.

I'm afraid to say this volume of 3 books is lacking. If I remember correctly this is when Myers hands the writing to others. First the kids travel all over the world at the request of some mysterious Internet character and their mother approves of it all. I suppose you'd need to get this family out of their hometown just for the sake of changing the stories a bit and making them fresh. But the spiritual battles all sound the same.

I guess the fact that he sends them money and plane tickets is enough.

Secondly, the stories get downright silly. Going to another country for vampires?

But remember, this is a fun series built for kids/teens. It's not to be taking too seriously outside of the spiritual warfare stuff.

One more volume to go!

This book was provided for review by Zondervan Publishing.

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