Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson

I was excited to open the package and see that IVP Press had sent me Everyday Justice, by Julie Clawson, to review.

There are two ways to look at this book.

1) Clawson will spend 189 pages complaining about our wastes and how we don't care about "the little man". She's just promoting her foolish liberal ideals.

2) Clawson is revealing some awful truths about our consumption, liberal or conservative, that we need to take special note of.

I found myself in the middle. Maybe 1.5 where I found it a little bit like reading a Michael Moore documentary-to-book while at the same time, my eyes were opened to the harsh realities of my choices.

Julie pulls the curtain back on 7 items:
1 - Coffee. While we spend almost $4 for our "special" coffee from Starbucks, the farmers are making close to cents. NAFTA and greed are at fault, Clawson says.

2 - Chocolate. The farming of this delicacy is typically done by child slaves.

3 - Cars. Do I really need to explain how this chapter was in the book?

4 - Food. With an obsession with tomatoes, Clawson explains how we can better choose what we eat. And what to eat less of (meat)

5 - Clothes. Again, we've all heard of the sweatshops.

6 - Waste. Did we really need to read what happens to our stuff? Why yes, it seems we did.

7 - Debt. One final no-brainer.

We don't need the Red-State Christians bemoaning how the leftist elites are destroying our way of life with their Liberal policies. This stuff is happening and God directed, we should do better at our jobs.

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