Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Invisible Terror Collection by Bill Myers

Volume 2 in the Forbidden Doors series contains the books:

The Haunting, The Guardian, and The Encounter. These stories make up the Invisible Terror Collection.

The Haunting is about ghosts; are they real or demonic forces? Becka Williams is approached by the mysterious Ascension Lady to help with releasing the spirit of a murdered girl.

When they arrive at the haunted house, the task becomes terrifying.

In The Guardian, one of Becka's friends, Julia, is recovering from the events of the previous night and the ghosts. She has this vision of what she believes to be heaven and her guardian angel to protect her.

Questions and doubts begin to surface for Becka and her friends regarding her beliefs. Is this guardian truly an agent of God?

Meanwhile, another friend begins to be used by an extra terrestrial to lead the world into a new age.

This leads us to The Encounter. Aliens my friends. Do they exist and are they preparing Becka's friends to lead the world into a new level of consciousness?

As they experience abductions and encounters, Scott Williams begins to play a Dungeons and Dragons RPG game. He gets so involved, that it begins to take over his life.

These books continue the idea of spiritual warfare and the Occult while implementing truths for teenagers. After a while, the battles become repetitive with characters saying the same thing and you realizing how things will end.

That's when the stories in the next volume up the ante!

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