Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ancient Forces Collection by Bill Myers

The Ancient Forces Collection is the final book of the famed Forbidden Doors saga started by Bill Myers. In this collection, the three stories are:

The Ancients - Becka, Scott, their mom and Ryan head out to an Indian Reservation at the request of Z to help a young Indian with his faith in Jesus. They run into trouble with the local shaman who calls down lightning and Ryan begins to experiment with the local beliefs.

The Wiccan - The kids are told to meet with the latest superstar celeb and her new book all about Wicca.

The Cards - A fellow classmate of Scott's gets involved with Tarot cards when he tries to understand his future.

These last books aren't written by Bill Myers and you can tell. The storytelling is not up to his excellent par: we have the characters behaving unlike their normal "bill myers" style, the battles are uninspiring, and the stories themselves leave a lot to be desired.

The biggest letdown is that we never learn the identity of Z, the Internet personality who aids them in the spiritual warfare. We are left with the hint that Becka and Scott's father may actually still be alive.

How can they end a series like that?!!?

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