Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Justice Project Edited by Brian McLaren

The Justice Project is the latest offering from the Emergent group.

It is a book of essays that all deal with biblical justice and our world today.

With contributers like Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Joseph Myers, and Doug Pagitt you know you'll find something that connects with you.

Broken down to 5 sections, you'll read essays that deal with:

The God of Justice - how we see God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work out justice.

The Book of Justice - the justice we find in Scripture

Justice in the U.S.A. - the history of justice (native Americans), up to the "values voters"

A Just World - moving outside our national borders to bring justice to the world and within our "burbs"

A Just Church - how we can epitomize justice.

Too many people have complained that religion is America has become too politicized with the Religious Right's involvement and obvious collapse, and now with a seemingly growing number of Liberal Christians rising behind the star power of President Obama.

This book removes all areas of complaint and brings out what God has called His people to do with regards to justice in our world.

Let's stop the name calling and get to work.

This book was provided for review by BakerBooks Publishing.

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