Monday, November 9, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

The lines of what makes a good guy and a bad guy are blurred in this ultra-violent/too-much-swearing film, Law Abiding Citizen.

Gerard Butler stars as Clyde Shelton who is forced to watch his wife and daughter get murdered in the first 3 minutes of the film. (Forgive me but I thought Butler looked like the brother of Tom Green)

Jamie Foxx plays as Nick Rice, the DA who prides himself in his high conviction rate.

The murderers were apprehended but the one who did the actual killing makes a deal with Rice to witness against the other guy in order to get a lesser punishment (3 years in jail).

Shelton is outraged and plans his revenge.

10 years pass, the murderer is out of jail - still as nasty as ever - when he gets a phone call. Turns out to be Shelton who kidnaps him and dismembers him in front of a camera.

The police come, arrest Shelton, lock him in jail and thus begins the cat and mouse game.

Somehow people involved in the Shelton murder case are getting killed. All evidence points to Clyde...but he's behind bars. Who's his accomplice and how many have to die before Nick is targeted?

I found this movie to be overly graphic. I didn't need to see Butler repeatedly jab a steak bone in the neck of a guy. Nor did I need to see what a body looks like without arms, legs or a head.

I also hated the language in this film. I felt like I was watching Get Short or some similar film with the number of F words being thrown around like popcorn.

Law Abiding Citizen tries to tell a morality tale about the flaws of the justice system of The United States, but the moral is lost when the story is too lame.

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