Friday, November 13, 2009

Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries

Mark DeVries has followed a great book with another knockout for youth ministers. Sustainable Youth Ministry will inform you why so many youth leaders burn out quickly and youth ministries spark fast yet ultimately fizzle.

Too many churches look for superstar leaders - young 20 somthings with boundless energy and no experience - to deliver the results they expect from a 20 year veteran.

The problem arises when results aren't met, which leads to complaining and hurt feelings. Pretty soon the church is looking for the next superstar once again.

In this book, church leaders are told to expect nothing less than 4 or 5 years worth of foundation building before setting off their fireworks.

This idea doesn't sit well with our society (and church communities) that demand instant results and instant success.

Within these pages, you'll learn about navigating church politics, discovering what role to place yourself within ministry, and how to recruit your best volunteers.

DeVries sets the tone for a more successful, more attainable God-honoring ministry.

This book was provided for review by IVP Press.

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