Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going Rouge by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed

This is the prime example of what is wrong with our politics. Richard Kim and Betsy Reed should be ashamed of themselves for the compilation they have published in Going Rouge.

Following Sarah Palin's book release, Going Rouge is the response from the Left and those who despise her.

This is why nothing gets done: page after page is filled with character assassination of Governor Palin.

I have no problem with others disagreeing with policy or political views. It's when you attack who the person is - when you call them horrible names and go after their families - that's when we've stooped to a new low.

Both sides of the political debate do it. But since I picked this book up, I decided to criticize those responsible.

Mr Kim and Ms Reed (and all the contributors). It is perfectly fine to disagree with Governor Palin's views. It is perfectly fine to point out the flaws in those views.

It is not perfectly fine to attack her as a person. Many of the writers in this book complained about Sarah Palin not being about substance. It was shocking to see that those who complained the longest wrote not one sentence about policy substance.

Attack the view - not the person.


Anonymous said...

Wow - so you really believe that a political argument (which is what Palin's book is) doesn't deserve an intelligent and vigorous debate?

Palin's whole book is claims about healthcare and cap and trade, etc that are certainly not settled arguments. To denigrate people for trying to offer the other view is really narrow minded.

PR said...

This is not Sarah Palin's book. Her book is called Going Rogue. This book is called Going Rouge and is full of anti-Sarah Palin essays.