Monday, December 28, 2009

The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay

The title is misleading. Chris Seay gives us his ideas behind a few of the major and minor characters from the TV show Lost. Then he adds some connection to biblical teachings.

Known for his use of pop culture to address spiritual truths, Seay gives us a quick look at our favorite Losties through the biblical lenses.

Inside you will find chapters devoted to:

Hurley: Patron Saint of Blessed Losers
Sayid Jarrah: Patron Saint of Tormented Humanitarians
Kate Austen: Patron Saint of Beautiful Killers
James "Sawyer" Ford: Patron Saint of Kindhearted Con Men
Jack Shephard: Patron Saint of Wounded Healers
Eko: Patron Saint of Warlord Priests
John Locke: Patron Saint of the Fatherless
Sun and Jin: Patron Saints of Discontented Fishermen
Ben Linus: Patron Saint of Dutiful Tyrants
Jacob: Patron Saint of Fathers
and Daniel Faraday: Patron Saint of Mystic Scientists

There are other chapters dealing with ideas of the show, so don't think this book is only a character study.

Overall The Gospel According to Lost is a fun book for any fan of Lost.

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Berry said...

It is a book that is fun to read, and am loving it :D