Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Trek: The Return by William Shatner

Following the success of Ashes of Eden, publishers asked if William Shatner could write additional books for the Star Trek line. The answer was The Return.

Taking place immediately following the events of Star Trek: Generations, Captain Kirk's body is stolen by Romulans who have allied themselves with the Borg.

They insert nanite technology into Kirk's body, resurrect him and program him to destroy Captain Picard.

Picard happens to be on a top-secret spy mission deep into the heart of enemy territory. He is used to undermine the Borg.

Shatner brings both crew together as he did with Ashes with Spock, McCoy, Riker, Data and the rest of the Next Generation characters.

I'm not pleased with how this book developed. I wasn't happy with the idea of Kirk being brainwashed to kill Picard.

What was interesting was the explanation of of V'ger (from The Motion Picture) as originating from early Borg technology.

They seem to truly kill Kirk on the Borg home planet in this story, however he returns for another adventure in Avenger.

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