Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Futurist by Rebecca Keegan

In The Futurist, you will get a short insider look at the world of James Cameron.

Beginning with his growing up on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, getting to skip a few grades because of his intellect and finishin with his work on Avatar, author Rebecca Keegan was able to chat with the film maker and his friends to give us this perfectly-timed bio/film-ography.

Known for first two The Terminator movies, Aliens, Titanic and now Avatar, James Cameron is a genius. By the time you finish the first chapter of The Futurist, you will understand a little of the mind behind the movies. And he can do it all - better than the experts. He was the one who came up with the Terminator designs, he was the one who drew the artwork for Aliens.

Each chapter is devoted to a specific movie in chronological order in which they were made.

You'll get to see the relationship with Arnold as The Terminator and fellow biker, how Bill Paxton seems to appear in almost all of Cameron's films, and how women are always depicted as the strong hero in every one of his movies.

The Futurist is by all means biased toward Mr Cameron. You will read about his fury and dictator style of leadership on the set. But those are all defended and thrown aside because this man is brilliant.

Seriously, he has the two biggest money-making movies of all time under his belt.

Besides the film information, you learn a few things about his multiple marriages and partnerships. You learn how he helped create Digital Domain and then stormed out and quit as CEO, and how he wrestles with the fickle relationship of studio executives.

This book is for anyone enjoying Avatar, or any of James Cameron's films. Or for any movie buff.

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