Friday, February 19, 2010

Thin Places by Mary E. DeMuth

This memoir by Mary DeMuth is not for those easily squimish.

Thin Places takes you back to Mary's early years and to the abuse she suffered. While not graphic, her talent with words cause them to sear into your conciousness.

After reading chapter after chapter of all the bad things that happened to her and all the emotional failings she's suffered with, it's really hard not to give her a raving review for fear that she might take words that aren't so positive too personally.

However, my critiques are few:

Each chapter becomes repetitive. You read about how bad she feels about herself and then the chapter ends with how Jesus can help deliver her from those feelings.

After 20 chapters, you start feeling sorry for her before you read the next chapter because you know it won't be a happy story.

However, DeMuth's talent is her storytelling ability. The way her words flow over you transport you those exact moments of her life. It almost gets to be creepy with out realistic it seems. An almost, you-were-there feeling.

I've enjoyed her Defiance, Texas trilogy and was able to talk to her about the first book of that series.

Thin Places is for anyone looking to connect with someone else who has dealt with deep, personal pain and those wanting a touch of connection with God. (As oxymoronic that sounds)

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