Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If you liked the movies I, Robot and Minority Report, you will feel right at home with Surrogates.

As he did in I, Robot, James Cromwell has created a fleet of robots to replace humanity's role on the planet. He has created surrogates - robots that we can plug into - who are perfect and practically indestructable. People just recline in their comfy chairs while putting high-tech tanning glasses on and let their brainwaves do the work.

Bruce Willis is FBI agent Tom Greer who is brought on a case dealing with the death of Cromwell's son. Rosamund Pike plays Greer's wife, Maggie who loves being in the surrogate to the detriment of her own body.

Ving Rhames stars as The Prophet, the leader of humans who don't believe in conducting business as surrogates.

Following the death of the son, we're led down a twist-turning path. How can you know who to trust when you aren't even sure who you're looking at is really them? Did that sentence seem confusing? So can this movie with the number of plot holes.

It does get a good rating from me for it's lack of questionable material. Yet it does include a number of swear words.

The action and chase sequences are above par, but you can tell when the special effects are in place and that sort of takes you out of the movie.

With the end of this movie comes a nice 20-30 minutes when you can discuss how you would like to live in a surrogate.

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