Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breathless by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz has created another novel that deals with creatures that appear otherworldly in Breathless.

You'll follow a number of characters before they all connect in the last few chapters.

They are: Grady Adams and his wolfhound, Merlin. These two live near the woods and are the first to discover the mystical beings.

Henry Rouvroy who visits his twin brother on a farm. Henry is a bit unstable.

Then you meet the veterinarian, the drunkard and Homeland Security all rushing headlong after these creatures.

Like most of his books, Koontz delivers a twisted tale of good verses evil. While the current trajectory of planet earth is heading toward anarchy and chaos, these new beings may be exactly what Someone had in mind to return us to utopia.

But, of course, Koontz leaves the discover of meaning and "the moral of the story" up to each reader.

This book felt similar to his earlier book, Watchers. And I was confused as to why there were so many separate storylines happening. But you will discover what Koontz was trying to teach the reader through each plot line.

Is it possible to have the next step in human evolution without evolution?
Breathless: A Novel

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