Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Darkfall by Dean Koontz

Darkfall is a story that never really got off the ground for me. Dean Koontz is hit or miss with every single book. You can never know if the story will be terrific or horrific.

Darkfall was horrific.

Two homicide cops are following the murders of members of a crimelord family. The bodies appear to be chewed and mangled.

Turns out, a voodoo bad guy is out to get the crimeboss and he sends out little demon/goblins to do his dirty deeds.

Because the police are hunting for answers, the voodoo man decides to turn the goblins on them; specifically, the children.

This makes "police man" angry and now it's all or nothing. Which man will die?

Throw in a few vague references about the devil, God, and hell and you've got a very sub-par Koontz novel.


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