Tuesday, April 6, 2010

O me of little faith by Jason Boyett

We are in a new era when it is "cool" to talk about your doubts on God and get it published by a Christian Publisher.

Jason Boyett has written a Blue Like Jazz-type memoir in his O me of little faith book; it's just a smaller book.

First of all, the cover grabs your attention. You see this scrawny kid with band-aids on his chest. I'm assuming that's the author. (He tells the story of when he was on the basketball team and could only lift the bar in the weight room.)

There are 10 chapters within this confession book. Chapter 2 deals with turtles and this idea that the world is on the back of a turtle who happens to be on top of another turtle who is on top of a third turtle - all the way down.

Boyett explains that for many people, God is that final turtle on which everything else relies.

The other chapters have clever names like, The Weight of Absence, Reverse Bricklaying, Insanity at 900 Feet (this one is about a crazy ride that hangs you over nothing 900 feet in the air.), This is Horrible. Here, Taste It and many others.

Boyett's writing style is very informal; this happens to be the hook for many confessional books these days and my college writing professor would have a fit! But it captures your attention and holds your interest for the entire read.

He pulls out some of the more lofty philosophers and theologians to help him explain some of his doubts, but in the end, he remains a follower of Christ in spite of his doubts.

This book was provided for review by Zondervan.
O Me of Little Faith: True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling

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