Monday, May 3, 2010

Change Your Church for Good by Brad Powell

"You can create change without compromising truth" is the tag for the revised edition of Change Your Church for Good.

Brad Powell is the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the Midwest. The premise behind this book is from his own words:

"I believe the church is the hope of the world...when it's working right. And therein lies the problem. Most churches aren't."

Broken into 5 parts, Powell explains how the church is not working right at being the hope of the world. He was able to change the church he pastors without compromising the truth.

He believes the right leader has to be involve; and they need to invest in team building, develop a ministry charter and communicate it until you're blue in the face, and then communicate it some more.

Throughout the book, Powell shares some personal stories of how he dealt with being a pastor who led the church through transition. And it seems like whenever someone opposes him, they are always wrong and Powell is always correct. This attitude leads people to leave the church (which is best in the long run because more people are coming to the church) and allowed others to step in to leadership roles.

I couldn't get past the feeling that the author was very confident in his leadership skills almost to the point of arrogance. But I suppose if you're leading a church like the one he has, you will be pretty sure of yourself.

The basic plan is to be culturally relevant. Have your Sunday services imitate the culture around you and always be upbeat - never be somber. This is the key to change (in a nutshell)
Change Your Church For Good, Revised

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing

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