Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Praying Congregation by Jane E. Vennard

Want to learn the art of teaching spiritual practice? Jane Vennard has created a book designed to assist leaders in teaching their congregations the art of prayer.

A Praying Congregation includes practical tips for group study as well as Vennard's personal journey through prayer.

You'll read about how to create a safe environment in which people can talk about prayer: their stereotypes, fears and personal experiences. You'll learn how to listen respectfully even if you don't agree with another opinion.

Later in the book, Vennard unpacks different beliefs on prayer and how our image of God skews our prayer times.

Finally she dives into the many types of prayer: Intercessory, Body, Musical Centering and more.

There was only one area in this book that raised a red flag of worry. Vennard believes in Panentheism. This is where one believes God is with us as well as beyond us, that He empowers us rather than is all powerful. She goes into more detail in the book, but I was left scratching my head as to what I believe about God and His involvement in answering prayer.
A Praying Congregation: The Art of Teaching Spiritual Practice

This book was provided for review by The Alban Institute.

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