Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun for the Whole Family

Fun for the Whole Family Hour Leader Kit was given to me for review by Group.

This kit is supposed to be used by families to create an hour's worth of material in connection to the latest Narnia movie to be released by FOX.

With that in mind, this kit is simply a clever advertising ploy.

In the kit, you will find a CD with a number of songs to be played in the background. You will get a DVD with three clips from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie. And you will get a map. This map has some unique properties to it as there are sections on it that can be revealed using water.

The songs on the CD are the best thing about this kit. There are a number of original as well as familiar songs included. Many of the songs have a sea-faring sound.

I would not recommend this for anyone. I can see churches and Children's Ministry leaders being sucked into the idea of facilitating an entire hour of fun for families that seem to find very little time together.

Unless you want to help promote the new Narnia movie, pass on this kit.
Fun for the Whole Family Hour Leader Kit

This kit was provided for review by Group Publishing.

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