Monday, November 8, 2010

Rise Again by Ben Tripp

If you enjoy all things zombies, you will get a thrill out of reading Rise Again.

Author Ben Tripp has taken what is typically a movie medium and brought it into the world of novels.

Rise Again tells the story of Iraq-veteran turned Sheriff, Danny Adelman. Her sister, Kelley is distraught. After writing a farewell letter, Kelley slips away into the night.

The next day, people start acting weird. They scream and run then fall down dead. Minutes later, they get up and being stumbling around.

You guessed it - they're ZOMBIES! And this time, they evolve. At first, they are slow and stupid, but by the end of the story, they have gained speed and intelligence.

Rise Again feels like every other zombie story. You have a group of survivors trying to find shelter and avoid the flesh-eaters. They come upon a paramilitary group who turn out to be just as evil as the zombies.

The quest is Danny's search for her kid sister, Kelley. Will she find her? Has Kelley turned into a zombie? How many of the ragtag survivors will actually survive this apocalypse? And who is responsible for the creation?

With lots of language and gory details, this book is really only for zombie enthusiasts.

Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller
This book was provided for review by Gallery Books publishing.

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