Monday, November 8, 2010

To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller and John MacMurray

Donald Miller created this book to share his insights on growing up without his father in the picture.

Most of the book revolves around his experience living with his friend, John and family.

This is what you would assume you'd find in a book about being role models and needing father figures in your life.

Donald shares his ideas about belonging, authority, making decisions, manhood, girls (and how they toy with guys), integrity, education and a few other thoughts.

It is similar to Blue Like Jazz in that you're reading ideas and thoughts from a guy who spends the majority of his time sitting around coffee shops.

To Own a Dragon isn't for everyone. Even fans of Donald Miller might find it hard to read through this book as it's really written for boys.

My recommendation would be to pass this one (and it's updated cover copy) for a different Miller book.

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