Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obama's Wars by Bob Woodward

This book was a breath of fresh air after the horror that was Laura Ingraham's The Obama Diaries.

Obama's Wars takes us inside the White House as President Obama formulates his plan for the Afghanistan War.

Bob Woodward never disappoints me with his storytelling. I enjoyed his books recounting the Bush era. His ability to thread interviews, quotes and minute-by-minute details leaves me hard pressed to put the book down.

You will get a better understanding of how President Obama makes his decisions when it comes to national security. You will learn about the inevitable showdown between the Democrat administration and the military brass at the Pentagon.

Woodward tries his hardest not to play favorites, he wants to provide the information and tell it like it is.

I was surprised at some of the military disclosures Woodward revealed in this book. I'm sure everything is outdated and the activity within Afghanistan and Pakistan have changed, but I could have sworn I was reading top-secret details that shouldn't be available to the public.

The statements about Secretary of State Clinton wanting to run as Obama's VP next term aren't too extreme. Even though everyone denies it, we'll just have to wait and see.

The major provocation came at the expense of Afghan President Karzai. He is described as being "on his meds" or "off his meds". He's given to mood swings and depression.

Not something you want to read about the leader of a volatile country.

The big difference between Obama and Bush is that Obama spends months in meetings talking about strategy before he writes up a strategy plan for his military commanders. Bush wanted action immediately. Bush would give the military whatever they needed for success while Obama considers the political ramifications.

This is another ace in the Woodward collection. If you enjoy behind-the-scenes political theater, Obama's Wars is the book you need.
Obama's Wars

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