Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visioneering by Andy Stanley

It seems to be a hit or miss with me and Andy Stanley. I loved his book on grace and his 7 practices of ministry book.

Visioneering was a different monster. It took me a long time to wade through all the material and the style of Stanley's writing was different than his other books. I began to wonder if he had a ghost writer.

In Visioneering, Pastor Stanley offers his ideas and how-tos in order to create, foster and maintain vision.

He begins by touching on how to get vision. Once you have the idea, one must pray and plan. The biggest part is to rely on God, not your own inadequacies. (Faith is monumental).

Following this intro, Stanley takes us into the public realm where we will discover if our vision will be captured by the audience. Prices will be paid, criticism will come and some re-alignment may need to take place. Bottom line: don't get distracted.

I'm sure there are a number of books on the topic of creating vision and I think you may want to encounter them before diving into Andy Stanley's tome.


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