Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decision Points by George W. Bush

President Bush began writing this book the day after he left office.

Decision Points is different than your typical behind-the-scenes presidential memoir; instead of rehashing his entire life, President Bush offers us a glimpse into his reasoning for some of the decisions he has made during his life.

There is the obligatory early life stuff, but the majority of this book revolves around his time in office.

Like his presidency, once September 11, 2001 comes, the focus is all about protecting The United States.

You'll get a different perspective on many issues that we missed during his presidency. It's easy to be overwhelmed by one side of the story when it seems like everyone is beating the same drum.

You'll read about the problems during hurricane Katrina, the CIA's interrogation techniques, the Medicare Prescription Drug plan, the No Child Left Behind Act plus many more decisions President Bush made.

I appreciated the times when he admitted making a wrong decision. There were a few times when he said, "If I could have done things differently..." and then he lays out what he would have done.

Whether you approve of disapprove of Bush's job in the White House, Decision Points will be read exactly how you viewed him.
Decision Points

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