Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Date Night

Your average married-with-kids couple stumble upon a deadly case of mistaken identities.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey are fantastic in Date Night. My only disappointment was with Tina Fey: I wished they would have given her more opportunities to show off her comedic talent.

Steve Carell continues his laugh-out-loud antics. I was crying at one point because he had me laughing so hard. (Of course, that was the only time I laughed so hard during this film)

For the most part, the comedy is smile-worthy. Other times, I cringed at some of the humor and jokes. It was as if they tried too hard. But you'll get that in about every comedy.

This touts a great supporting cast: Mark Wahlberg as the guy who never wears a shirt, Mark Ruffalo who sets the theme for the film, and James Franco becomes yet another drug-head. Each adds their own flavor to create a fun film to watch with your spouse/date.

What comedy DVD would be without the gag reel? The outtakes are just as funny as the film.
Date Night

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