Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Titus Mandate by Ted Bigelow

Is your church being led by a dangerous man? Author Ted Bigelow claims it might be and offers the biblical solution in The Titus Mandate.

As found in the letter to Titus, Bigelow believes churches should follow what Paul wrote in Titus 1:5. In the most basic form the Titus Mandate is a call to lay leadership in the form of Elders.

Bigelow believes too many churches fall under the pressure to follow a "superstar" pastor and give this one person untold authority and power.

This will typically lead to disasters including church splits, the kind of in-fighting many churchgoers are used to hearing about from their church-going friends.

In fact, how many of you have heard the horror stories of why friends have left a particular church? Bigelow believes most of these horrors can be avoided by building up and following the biblical example of Elders.

By breaking the steps down to 4 parts, Bigelow lays out the groundwork for this process:

Part 1 - Defining the Titus Mandate. What is it and why is it needed.
Part 2 - Embracing the Titus Mandate. How to rebuild under Elders.
Part 3 - Defending the Titus Mandate. Historical and biblical examples.
Part 4 - Implementing the Titus Mandate. Putting all the knowledge into practice.

I'm not confident how popular this book will be in American churches. Once a person has power, it is difficult to release it.
The Titus Mandate

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