Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy A

This is a window into today's youth culture.

Easy A is Olive's (Emma Stone) confession about a rumor that she inadvertently started about herself. Throughout the recap of events, Olive speaks to the camera as if she were posting this on a youtube-like website.

While trying to have a conversation with her annoying best friend, Olive lies and says she had sex with her date (who happens to be totally made up). The school Christian overhears them and the rumor-mill takes over.

Before long, the entire school knows and Olive decides to play the role of School Harlot.

When the school outcasts come to her and ask for her "pretend hookups", things get worse; the lying ends up destroying a marriage.

Despite the humor, and this film is laugh-out-loud hilarious, there are some strong language issues and the sex humor is a little too much. But again, this is revealing the culture our youth are in.

By far, my favorite actors were Thomas Hayden Church as the English teacher Mr. Griffith and Stanley Tucci as Olive's dad, Dill.

All in all, this would make a great "conversation" movie for families. Although I know most teens abhor the idea of talking about movies with their parents.
Easy A

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