Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tron Legacy

I was very excited to see Tron Legacy. I loved the original back in the day.

Who didn't want to own a light cycle? Who didn't love watching those tanks blow things up? And now that technology has reached a new height, I was wondering what they could do with a sequel.

This film is beautiful!

Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn (from TRON) doesn't want to own his father's company. He lives on his own, causing the company all sorts of fits.

When his father sends a page from his old arcade store, Sam is sent into The Grid. It is here that he realizes an awful truth about Kevin and his creation, Clu.

You get the disc, lightcycles, amazing soundtrack and just a beautiful looking film.

Jeff Bridges does a fantastic job as Kevin and a much younger version via Clu.

Garrett Hedlund carries the swagger that is typical of Flynns.

The action scenes more than make up for the slightly boring exposition scenes.

This makes a great rental.
Tron: Legacy

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