Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Kid Catastrophes by Bill Myers

You can never go wrong with Bill Myers. Even those this new series is aimed at Middle School students, New Kid Catastrophes kept me smiling through the entire read.

TJ along with her sisters and father have moved from Missouri to California. Their home antics are pretty silly but the real treat is when TJ begins school as the "new kid". The boy she has a crush on thinks she has a mental disability (all she can say around him is, "uh..um...er..."), the prissy actress sets her spiteful eyes on her with evil results, and to top all of that, two boys from the future go back in time to study her because she will become someone very powerful when she grows up.

These two boys cause more harm than good with their "observations".

I was thrown a little off guard with Myers inserting action words such as, "CLIP CLAP" and "BOUNCING SNAP CRACKLE" in with his writing. It felt awkward at first but after the first three chapters, I felt like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon and enjoying the ride.

I can't wait for the sequels.

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New Kid Catastrophes (TJ and the Time Stumblers)

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Lemon123 said...

I would enjoy reading the fun words. I can make the noises in my head.

lemon123 said...

It's Time Travel too. Love Time Travel plots. Sorry the boy she likes thinks she has a mental disability. Boy, that is really hard to deal with as a young person.