Friday, June 17, 2011

Black Swan

Natalie Portman deserves the Oscar for this role.

Other than that, my brain was a little squirmy after sitting through Black Swan.

Portman plays Nina who has been dancing ballet for quite a long time. Her troupe is going to put on a "fresh take" version of Swan Lake and she has been chosen to star as The Swan Queen. This role is actually two as she will be the White and Black swans.

The biggest trip of this film is that you don't ever really know what is real and what is inside Nina's mind. (She goes a little trippy with the stress of starring in such a huge production)

Her mother is a nag, she tends to be a little OCD, Nina is majorly paranoid that a new dancer is there to take her place and all the while she needs to find some dark aspect within herself to dance the Black Swan.

This rings out Independent Film all the way through the shoot. So if you are into that kind of feel, this will be one of your favorite movies. If you like stories where you will sit and think about the story long after the credits, you will want to talk about this with everyone you text.

Beware as there are some strong sexual scenes and other uncomfortable moments. I'm thinking of the hangnail part and the file-through-the-face scene.

Dark, disturbing and very artistic.

My favorite part was the very end when we finally get to see the dance of the Black Swan.
Black Swan

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