Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Branded by Tim Sinclair

It took me one day to read this book. I might take another day to go back and read it again to soak in the message.

Tim Sinclair asks the question: How Do We Market Jesus?

In this consumer culture, how do we tell others about Jesus effectively?

If you're like a majority of Christians (or people in general) you don't get too excited when you hear the word, marketing. And Christians have been raised to object to the idea of "marketing Jesus". It's not like we're selling him they might say.

I felt the same way. And I think I still do to some extent; but after reading Branded, I was confronted with the reality of the times and since we are in postmodern times, it bodes well to understand how the term, marketing, has been assumed to mean something not so positive.

The chapters are very short which helped speed me through the book.

Tim offers words of wisdom via companies that weren't sure how to change with the times (i.e. Circuit City, Movie Gallery, Walden Books). He suggests that Christians need to change tactics but keep the message. Try letting go of the "turn or burn" tracts or the megaphone screaming.

I found this book exciting as I endeavor to lead people to sharing their experience with Jesus.

The What If chapter was good enough for the entire book. Tim offers ideas as questions to spur your creative juices and some of them are explosive:

What if we sold our church building and rented a theater or school to help save resources, what if we went to a bar with our friends one Saturday a month (seeing as we want them to come into our place, why not enter into theirs as well.)

This is a terrific book.

Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Kregel Publishing.

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