Monday, August 8, 2011


Why in the world did Adrien Brody make this movie? Has he become such a low-brow that he actually believed this movie would be considered artistic or even "thought-provoking"?

Splice is about two geneticists (Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) who are creating genetically altered hybrid animals for the medical research. When they want to go the next step, they decide to create a human hybrid.

I have never before desired a character to die as much as I wanted Polley's character to bite it. Throughout the entire movie, her character grates on the nerves. I found myself moaning out loud, "for the love of God kill this character already!" and "why?!!? Why does she have to be this annoying?!?!"

Brody is his typical character: the brooding, depressed guy. I think the only time I saw him as anything else was in The Village and in that film he added the quirk of being "the village idiot".

The hybrid they create is always surprising them with its abilities and secret, evolving traits. Things take a very weird turn when they decide to go out to a barn and we learn why Polley's character is a pathetic loser. And then let's not even discuss the ending which was touted as a horrific twist but ended up being ridiculous.

This movie was awful.

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