Friday, September 9, 2011

The Bone House by Stephen Lawhead

One piece of the map has been found. Kit Livingston continues the search for the remaining pieces of The Skin Map.

In The Bone House, Stephen Lawhead picks up where he left off with book 1. Kit has been separated from his girlfriend and yet her actions, in a different dimension, are benefiting him.

Lawhead writes thick books. You have to take your time with the story. These aren't popcorn novels that can be skimmed through. You're wrestling with time/dimensional/space travel in this series. Your brain may need a break every chapter or so.

You have the notorious bad guys who are always a step ahead or on the heels of Kit. Some twists and surprises await you. But shouldn't that be a given considering the plot?

Lawhead is a great series writer. He is able to build upon the previous novel and spread things out and deepen the characters.

The Bone House is Lawhead's Empire Strikes Back.

You *must* read The Skin Map before reading The Bone House. This is absolutely imperative.
The Bone House (Bright Empires)

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