Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind

It's fun to return to characters you've spent so much time reading about. Goodkind gives us another book from his Sword of Truth world. The Omen Machine finds Richard and Kahlan ruling their new empire and a new menace gaining strength.

Of course this is going to be the first book of a new series for Goodkind. It seems he can't, or doesn't wish to, write about anything else. The book written before this one (The Law of Nines) was even connected to the Richard/Kahlan story.

While the land enjoys peace, there is unrest throughout the palace. People are gathered to enjoy a wedding when prophecies begin popping up where they shouldn't. People die and others assume they are fulfilling prophecy. When Richard and his gang won't reveal every detail of prophecy they discover, the royals get upset and start to think he isn't worthy to lead them.

Enter the new foe. Hannis Arc who lives in the Dark Lands and doesn't quite make the splash in this story. I'm assuming he's saving up for the next book.

You don't need to have read the entire Sword of Truth series before reading this book but it will help fill in some of the gaps.

This was a fun read. It was typical Goodkind - filled with gruesome violence and characters spending page after page repeating the same idea. Although, I thought the vain repetition was edited down some compared to other Goodkind books.

The fun characters return and if you enjoyed the last three Sword of Truth books, you'll probably enjoy The Omen Machine.

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