Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Has Oprah Taken Us? by Stephen Mansfield

I've enjoyed two of Mansfield's books. I figured this would be similar. Mansfield sends us on a journey through Oprah's life to help us understand how she came to embrace the faith she currently holds.

The first two chapters cover Oprah's early years: growing up in a Christian background and then rebelling into a life of no restraint.

Chapter three delivers a history lesson of the country that Oprah grew up in. We learn about the many spiritual gurus and "Beat" poets who may have had some influence on the budding journalist/talk show host. Near the end of this chapter, however, Mansfield diverts the book from Oprah and onto the Clintons. Somehow their experiences with spirituality personified the age Oprah came into her own. I wasn't quite sure why he chose to dish on this President and not President and Nancy Regan (who would have had a teeny bit influence). Remember the so-called spiritual stuff she did?

Chapter four explains the background of those who Oprah had on her show and help shape her belief system. I found this chapter to be hard to plow through.

The final chapter spells out the pillars of Oprah's faith and a number of other points of interest surrounding her ego-driven, self-fulfilled thought-created religion.

After each chapter, Mansfield adds his own insight as to why Oprah is mistaken and how her faith is the personification of our current craze for spirituality.

There is a lot of information packed into this book. I was a little disappointed that Mansfield stated in the introduction that he didn't want to write a "gossip" book but then proceeded to write about the many men Oprah had in her bed and the "craziness" of Hillary Clinton. While some may deem this information necessary for a better understanding of Oprah, I found it to be without merit. I really don't think that information was needed to guide me to an appropriate realization of "Church Oprah".

Evangelical Christians will probably pour the praises onto this book.

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