Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook by Jeff Kinley

It was bound to happen, right? Zombies became all the craze once The Walking Dead hit the airwaves. And then the Christian market had to mass produce books explaining how zombies relate to Christianity. This happened with The Matrix movies, Harry Potter, vampires and now zombies.

Jeff Kinley uses his love for story to weave a fictional tale of zombie survival along with preaching-like exegesis of how zombies are like those with sin. He writes one chapter of the story and then the next chapter is the explanation.

I found this execution to be a bit disconnected. I had to continue to remove myself from a great zombie story to read "christian inspiration". I wasn't sure if I should just skip every other chapter to keep reading the novel first or sludge through.

The biblical explanation is exactly what you'd think it would be when comparing sin to the zombie "virus". You won't really get too much out of that. The greatest strength is in the tale of Ben Foreman and his survival.

I think this may be for the uninitiated in zombie lore or even - heck - this might work as a resource for youth workers. But zombie enthusiasts will not enjoy this book. And some hardcore Christian parents may find some of the scenes a bit too disturbing.

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