Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott

A man's recounting 18 months of terror.

It was hard for me to believe that the stuff in this book actually happened. After movies like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism, I felt skeptical. Surely this was the result of someone's imagination following the fad of these supernatural films.

Brian Scott received a phone call about 20 years ago from a woman claiming to be in danger of a Halloween sacrifice. During this phone call, he encounters a demonic voice. Scott believes he needs to help this girl out.

Once they make contact, Scott and his wife invite the girl, Roxanne, to live with them in their house. This is when the terrifying events take off. Whenever the sun goes down, Scott and his wife are in bed, the fear seems to leap out of the pages.

I did not read this book at night. There is no way I would have felt comfortable with this kind of material. I mean, who is seriously comfortable reading about demonic activity?

I like that Scott does not try to be a theologian. In fact, there are many times where he explains his confusion with what actually happened compared to what he "thought" he knew about demons and exorcisms.

There is a "twist" at the end of this story to complete the authenticity of this terribly sad story.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by FaithWords Publishing.

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