Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow

David Murrow decided to completely revise and update this book because he's learn some things since first writing Why Men Hate Going to Church.

In the end, you'll learn that Murrow believes women have completely taken over the church: from the style of music (singing love songs to God instead of action songs about God), to the decorations (hand-made banners and lace communion covers instead of man-cave items) and even the success of Children's Church.

Murrow claims that the preaching is all about emotion, feelings and having a personal relationship with God. These are things that make men cringe. Have you ever heard of a man lovingly talking about having a personal relationship with Jesus? Murrow claims that men want to follow Christ, not fall deeper in love with him.

Some parts of this book resonated with me. I agree that many men enjoy the heroic, rescue stories told in movies and books and that churches tend to tell the loving, relationship story of Jesus and people and not so much the heroic story of Jesus rescuing the world.

Other parts I laughed out loud. I found it slightly hilarious that women will flock to the church if men are attending. Really? Women can't resist the magnetic pull? And then there was the alarming stat that if a church is over 70% women, the church is already dead...

But this isn't a slam against women, Murrow reassures us. It really isn't.

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