Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

For whatever reason, Westerns have not been a hot genre in the movie business for quite some time. Cowboys and Aliens did not bolster that confidence.

I will give the team credit for creating an interesting mix of western and sci-fi. Kudos as well for combining Han Solo with James Bond. These are two iconic actors with great acting chops.

Harrison Ford does a great job as a cynical old war horse who's plagued with a fool for a son. Daniel Craig passes as a man who has forgotten everything about his past yet loves his hat...that crazy hat.

I thought the aliens were well done. Even though Steven Spielberg had a hand in this film, you will not find friendly ETs anywhere. These creatures want our gold and are insanely fast.

The script was decent. You can't blame the film too much whenever the script passes through as many hands as this one did. While the plot seems to drag often, you can always play the fun game of guessing how many times Craig will take off or put on his freaky hat.

Bottom line: good attempt at creating something fun & new but I was really hoping for something so much better.

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