Thursday, January 5, 2012

Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll

Do you need yet another book explaining what marriage is all about? Do you want to read a book that will claim to be the authentic voice on marriage because all the "other marriage books" fail to be transparent?

Mark Driscoll wants to use his marriage as a template for some of the insights he has gained, along with his wife, of this relationship that has a 50/50 survival rate.

By the subtitle, we're told we're going to learn "the truth" about sex, friendship and life together.

This is basically two parts:
1. Marriage
2. Sex

In part one, you'll read five chapters about the relationship/friendship aspects of a marriage. Like most marriage books you'll read about things from a man's perspective and then a woman's.

In part two, you get the typical, "sex is a gift from God and we've screwed it up" mantra. They also dish the truth on porn and its devastating effect on marriages.

The chapter that everyone will immediately turn to before even reading the book is chapter ten.

Titled, "Can We _______?" This chapter deals with questions that are on couple's minds but are typically afraid to ask. Driscoll provides the response by giving three criteria: is the act that you're asking about lawful? (meaning does the Bible speak against it?), is it helpful? (will it strengthen you're relationship), and is it enslaving? (will this act destroy the marriage)

I'm not a big fan of Christian Marriage books. They tend to say the same thing using slightly different words and yet they don't seem to be working in the overall scheme of society.

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