Friday, January 27, 2012

Shark Night

This is not a movie for those who enjoy decent movies. By no means is Shark Night a decent movie.

The acting is bad. The storyline is practically DOA. The CGI and puppet sharks try to give it a go but it never jumps.

A group of college students head out to a lakeside house in Louisiana for a break. While at a gas station, they have a momentary scrap with a couple lame-brained locals. Obviously these locals will play some further plot point later on in the story.

After stripping down to their swim wear, three of them go out on a boat for some water boarding. (Not the torture but you wouldn't know the difference at this point) The dude gets hit, from below, by a shark and loses his arm. Later he takes a spear out to the shallows in order to get him some revenge on the shark that kills his girlfriend.

But all-in-all, expect one or two of these "kids" to survive the shark attacks.

The story will try to explain why sharks are in a lake and why they have cameras attached to them.

I don't understand why every shark movie since Jaws has been dismal. It must be quite difficult to come up with a decent movie about shark attacks. Add to that the difficulty of creating realistic sharks and I doubt if we'll ever get a shark movie worth it's soup.

I'd expect to see this film honored on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 before anything else.

Oh so bad.

0 shark fins out of 10.

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