Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn

When I saw the title of this book my mind instantly thought of the "Wealth & Health" pastors. I don't like those kind of books or those kind of messages.

Luckily this book is not like that at all.

Pastor Mike attempts to adjust our attitudes about God and how it affects the way we live. He believes many Christians (or just people for that matter) believe God is all about limiting our life. Mike wants us to know that God liberates life.

The most powerful word that comes from God is "yes". This word was used in creating the world we live in and to invite us into a relationship with him.

When someone understands that God says yes to people all the time, we find our identity in him, our value and our purpose through Christ.

Everyone is hung up on this purpose thing ever since Rick Warren's book.

You'll dive through fifteen chapters of how/when God says yes:
In creation, at the cross, at the resurrection, when we forgive others, when we engage in authentic relationships, when we simplify our clutter, and many more.

The reading is very easy. You won't get bogged down with high eyebrow theology. This is a Baptist minister writing pastorally to a large audience.

As is most often the case recently, there is an added section at the back of the book for study group questions.

The chapter on forgiving others is particularly enjoyable. It's helps bring a difficult concept to pull off into everyday mumbo jumbo.

This book was provided for, at no cost, by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing.

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